ERCO.Net, is an integrated platform recording and analysis of data relating to the production environment and energy management. ERCO.Net is prepared to work with different media measurement devices and physical quantities. It allows you to control the correctness of the technological process and monitor and analyze energy consumption of all utilities. The platform - based on a modular architecture - it has the flexibility to adapt to the individual needs of both single-user and the entire organization, allowing implemented solution can include any selected sphere of activities of the client. ERCO.Net is an excellent analytical tool for both technical services and finance and accounting. It supports the work of the decision-making both in terms of optimizing production costs, quality control as well as in the area of reducing the cost of purchase and media consumption of energy by identifying places for austerity measures. The platform offers rich features and analysis, forecasting, planning and simulation options.

 The proposed solution operates within the architecture shown in the image below.

platforma erco

Data sources

Data sources

The architecture of the solution allows both immediate data readings from measuring devices through the available digital or analog outputs, and imports of key data from existing dedicated systems on a facility (e.g. the emergency power supply, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, alarm exchanges, monitoring devices network traffic and others).

The system architecture also allows you to export / import any data to CSV / Excel and integration with other systems, e.g.:

  • ERP in order to:
    • keep records of the costs of providing full representation Cost Centers structure and system of accounts
    • the data about the objects / devices, their book value and the amount of depreciation
  • measurement using the available protocols (e.g. the OPC, FTP, SNMP, etc.) or through dedicated interfaces defined at the implementation stage
  • Helpdesk, where on the basis of alarms, notifications are automatically generated

The data source for the system can also be users who manually or semi-automatic (through magnetic card readers, barcode, touchscreens, etc.) enter data into the system, which complement the data collected on-line and take part in further analysis

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