Integrated management platform for energy demand and supply in end-users


 The result of the project will create an integrated platform for the management of energy demand and supply in the area of final energy recipients.

 The aim of the project is to provide customers using Smart Metering solutions with reliable tool responsible for power reduction management (Demand Side Response), including reduction of intervention and ultimately daily reductions as part of the Active Scheduling Unit.

 The Platform will allow the management of the entire process automatically to reduce power among different consumers and prosumers in the designated virtual areas within the Virtual Scheduling Units.

 The distinctive feature of the platform will be the use of neural network algorithms to predict the energy consumption by various types of customers, depending on external variables using the power profiles of users.

 It is also planned as part of the project to the generation of dynamic electricity tariffs based on external conditions and real-time data acquisition.

 The system will be responsible for effective management of electricity demand and supply in the area of small and medium-sized facilities, as a new model of the functioning of the Energy Sector.