A system for effective management of electricity demand and supply in the area of small enterprises as a new model of energy operation


Supporting algorithms for management building in the area of small and medium-sized facilities.

The system will enable automatic control of demand and supply for electricity in the areas of housing construction, mini housing estates, public facilities (eg institutions, kindergartens, schools), business facilities (eg office buildings, industrial and manufacturing plants), as a supplement to DSR / DSM programs (Demand Side Response / Demand Side Management ) with the adaptation of appropriate energy management algorithms in these facilities.

The neural network algorithms used in the system will allow prosumers to be actively involved in the power market, participate in power reduction programs (DSR/DSM) and switch objext to zero-emission mode (with its own renewable energy source).

Individual objects which will participate in the project will be equipped in electric vehicles charging stations, water tanks, and home-made energy accumulators. It will enable the creation of virtual warehouses that will be able to cooperate with our system.

The developed system will also include an innovative approach to develop currently used BMS systems, based on additional modules for managing zero-emission buildings from the level of DSO and Individual Customers.

The final version of the system ensures full functionality of providing services to the local operator by final recipients as part of power adjustment and energy balancing services.

This will be achieved by creating a stable and transparent system of energy settlements (cost forecasting), which is directly related to the forecasting of the power profile and energy balance in the microgrids included in the service and knowledge of the regulatory and negotiation potential of final recipients (in the scope of controlling receiving devices, sources and warehouses), as well as the available potential in the controlled area of energy storage.

The system will be a completely new product both on the Polish and international market, and it can certainly be said that the final product will be state-of-the-art breakthrough innovation.